Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been pretty busy with school and work and  actually I should be studying for my exam today but I wanted to give you a quick run through of the past 3 days.

So Lets being....


Day 7 was a cardio and I decided to go for a run.

Gotts to Do IT....

Yes it was 5am in the morning on a Saturday... BUT.... had to get in a run before a hectic day at work

Had a minor malfunction with the heart rate monitor ( pressed wrong button ;-/, still getting used to it) So these are the two stats. 339 calories in total. 


 Mi comer
Oat bran

 Summary of dinner and snacks for the day....

 Loved my outfit that day....What do you think?

Went to Starbucks before the store opened...I always feel like I am stepping into the gates of hell when I come to Starbucks. Donuts, bagels, crumb cakes, malorca bread, scones, cupcakes... and theres coffee too. The funny thing is they have healthy alternatives but why would anybody in their right mind go for a fruit cup....

But I did not fall into the evil temptations that Starbucks had to provide.... I opted for an iced coffee

That night I had dinner with my BEST friend Jess.... she came down from CHI town so we celebrated her visit

We ate at RA a sushi joint

And did I enjoy myself.......But we could not end the night on Sushi so.....

We had Kilwins....and alot of worries when you have a bad day there is always hope for tomorrow.... You Gotta live....right?! ;-\

However... I did forget to include the Jamaican Beef patty I scarfed down at lunch instead of having my chicken :-\ I fell into temptation....but it was yummy...


DAY 8 is Week 2 of the 28 Day shapeover program.
Week 2 focuses on the development of lean muscle tone and muscular endurance.

SETS: Some sets are performed straight while others will employ supersets, which is two exercies performed consecutively, with no rest between.... THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT...PAINNNN
Doing supersets supposedly increases workout intensity and heightens fat burning to an even greater degree.

REPETITIONS: There will be higher repetitions, aiming for 15-20 reps per set, this is said to heighten local muscular endurance and improve quality of muscle tissue, without increase muscle mass, which I DONT want. My goal is not to look like a SHE MAN :)

DAY 8 consisted of Shoulders, biceps, and triceps
Arnold Press
One Arm Cable Lateral
BEnch Rear Lateral Raise
Dumble Incline Curl & 2- Arm Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension
Dumbell Hammer Curl & Triceps Dip
Prone Incline Curl & Nosebreaker 

Not much logging this day :(
However, I did eat clean this day to make up for yesterdays last supper


Went to my 24 hour shape class, a boot camp consisting of 3 min cardio drills and weight exercises. I took the class with Rasha....she is great she always describes weights as appetizers, main courses, and desserts and the pain of these meals as Yummy and delicious.... Ummm yeah

 Today was exciting BECAUSE.... I noticed some changes in my shoulders.... there were lines forming... actual tonnage....AMAZING!!! I was so psyched I couldnt stop looking at them in my Shape class becasue I was like DAMN Im the shit.....hehehe

Have to go cram now but I will leave you with my power song of the moment..

Melissa Auf Der Maur - Meet Me On The Darkside

Its a pretty eerie song but I like running to it....Everyone does have a darkside sometimes..... 

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