Friday, April 23, 2010

Lots of tasty food

Yesterday was full of yummy and tasty foods. I was in a big rush so I wasn't able to pack my lunch like I usually do (which I HATE), so Bubba and I ended up going to one of our local favs L&L Bistro.

They moved locations so they are still in the process of finishing up. But Im sure the finished product is going to look A-MAZING!

I had the chicken breast w/ curry couscous and a side of roasted eggplant. GET IT!!!!!

I got to work and I though this would be a perfect time to let everyone see what I have in my locker. I try to keep a variety of foods in my locker so when I have a snack attack I am WELL prepared!
I have: oatmeal
organic bunny biscuits
popcorn &
Soy Crisps.
There is a twix on the bottom just regard that it was left over
from my birthday. I ended up eating it though that day :-/

For Dinner I took a doggie bag from L&L Bisto for work, since again I had no time to pack my food

I had a shrimp salad with oil vinaigrette dressing yum yum!
Other foods that day included
Murray crackers
Organic bunny biscuits
However, heading home is when my hard day of eating well came to an end. Bubba call me and tell me "Mama I passed the 177 mark". He has been trying to go below 177 for the longest and he finally beat his plateau, GO BUBBA. BUT he then tells me "lets get TACO BELL" Yes! you heard right TACO BELL! HE fell into the temptation and so did I, Oy! 

Not only was it a Taco Bell I went to it was a double whammy a Taco Bell/KFC....AHHHHH! But I only got the TAco Bell.

That was the end of my night...It was not a good ending BUT what can I say! I circumed to temptation. Today is a new day!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

DAY 15

Im SUPPOSED to be on Day 15 of The 28 Day Shapeover Experiment but since I fell behind Its actually day 20. However, I did cardio  and DAY 15 will be on Sunday because that is when I normally start the week. However, I must say I have been seeing the results, my triceps have become much more toned and I am starting to lift heavier, meaning Im building STRENGTH :) REMEMBER I dont want to BULK up, I want to tone and define.

SO I started my morning off with a run.

I was SUPER happy because I ran 3.72 miles at a pace of 8'55" per mile @ a time of 33:14. For me this is
an accomplishment because my average run has been @ 9'44" per mile...eeek. But Im building my endurance and every run will produce better results

AFTER my run:
There is some ab definition however, my problem issue is my lower abs the HARDEST muscles to tone. BUT I gotta keep at it!
I burned 323 calories @ an avg heart rate of 153

Breakfeast was a quick bagel with some turkey slices and a slice of cheese....I was in a rush had to go to work for an early meeting


I forgot to add that my co workers also got me this cute inspirational book that I will share with everyone on my post. This was the first thought that I was given

Its all in those words. When you believe things will happen and they will gravitate toward you. So if you believe that you are going to get in shape you will make it happen!

Ive been MIA now im BIA...

HELLOOOOOOO EVRYONE!!! LET ME TELL YOU.... I have NOT I repeat NOT been good this past week, well past week and a half. I have been trying really hard to find the reasons why I fell off track. In the beginning it was just the stresses of life. School, work, studying, and a house to maintain. This is all fairly new for me. I have always been used to someone taking care of me, my mom, and now I have to take care of things. It is a growing process for me, trying to balance all the things life has to give me. Believe me, I thank GOD everyday for all the things I have in life, an amazing Husband, a supportive mother, a job, my health and everything else others may have to struggle to have in life. Back to my stresses though, I was so occupied with school and freaking out about tests and trying to get everything done that I just ATE. I am an EMOTIONAL eater! When I am happy I have a cupcake, when I am sad I have a gallon of ice cream, when I am stressed I have Taco Bell or Mc Donald’s, among other things. I come in contact and devour everything I am not supposed too....eeeeeeek. This is what many define to be an emotional eater as. I become uncontrollable. I even stopped the gym in the middle of the week.... I just felt BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! All of this binge eating lead to a gain of 3.4 pounds OUCH! But I knew what I had to do, I had to get my SHIT together I had to stop my emotion from controlling me, that is one powerful B#$^H. There is also something else I begin to over analyze food and make bad decisions when I was at my healthiest point. I look at the cookie and I say, should I eat it, should I REALLY eat it and my mind goes back and forth for 5 min until I eat it, then I feel kind of guilty and sometimes I feel like I screwed up by eating that cookie and then I just start eating everything else. That is NOT the way to go and I know that. You mess up, who cares, just get back on track. I know I have worked so hard to get where I am and I am not going to let a week of havoc mess me up on my journey. Gotta keep going.

I have also been postless because of exams and my BDAY! It was on 4/20 so I was kind of busy celebrating :)
Here is some of the goodies I got from co workers for my BDAY....




Of course I had some of the sweats but I made sure not to take any of it home, except the cupcakes for Bubba.

So my advice to everyone on this beautiful Thursday is mess up, give in so you see how your body reacts to your abuse, your abuse of bad food and not giving it the right attention. Ultimately, you body will retaliate and tell you this is not how I am supposed to feel I have so much MORE to offer when you treat me right.

KIKI wrote: how do you get that lil evil voice that gets you to make bad decisions to shut up and how do you just DO IT?!?!?
April 13, 2010 12:35 PM

That stupid little voice that we all have is something we wish we could all pay a large amount of money for and just surgically remove. I hate it! I have one and it will always be there taunting me, pushing me down, and not pushing me forward to where I know my body should be. DAMN you Evil voice... What really pushed me to eat healthy and stay fit was kind of superficial. I love clothes I have always been amazed of how it can change a person’s mood, how people view others by their clothes, and the beauty of it. So I wanted to look GOOD in my clothes I wanted to feel comfortable and self confident not self conscious. I did not want to have to buy a larger size or stretch out my shirt so it would not stick to my stomach. I did not want an ICE CREAM CONE shaped body because my pants were too tight. I just wanted to feel more CONFIDENT about myself. Now listen, I’m not saying to be self confident you have to be skinny, I just wanted to be comfortable for myself. So I knew the only way was to eat right and work out. Believe me I tried the NO CARB, I did the SOUP DIET, I even took pills. They all worked BUT It just wasn’t ME. I wasn't happy at all. I had no energy at all, because I did not have the right food in my body. So what I had to do to not gain all that weight back was find the right form of healthy lifestyle for me. I eventually did and that little evil monster started to quiet down. Once I started seeing the results and getting into a routine I got excited, I felt athletic and accomplished. The little evil voice was on mute now. It was still there but I had more control over it and my lifestyle had more control over it. But, it is still there and it is seen in what I wrote today and what happened the past week and a half. It came back and it kicked my ASS! BUT, I knew I worked so hard to get where I was and to just let it all fall apart over a week and go back into a bad way of life was not my goal. So I fought back and I am slowly recovering. You have to give in sometimes because when you don't you will get hit harder later on. So I am telling you if you want to go to dinner with your friends and enjoy yourself, DO IT! But just remember tomorrow is a new day and you need to get back on track because you owe it to yourself and your body does not deserve that type of abuse, what has it done to you to make you hurt it?

I hope this helps

<3 Nowel


LUV IT!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

What to eat?

Trying to figure out what to whip up for din din... Any suggestions? I want something light yet filling. Does that even make sense? hmmmm
Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been pretty busy with school and work and  actually I should be studying for my exam today but I wanted to give you a quick run through of the past 3 days.

So Lets being....


Day 7 was a cardio and I decided to go for a run.

Gotts to Do IT....

Yes it was 5am in the morning on a Saturday... BUT.... had to get in a run before a hectic day at work

Had a minor malfunction with the heart rate monitor ( pressed wrong button ;-/, still getting used to it) So these are the two stats. 339 calories in total. 


 Mi comer
Oat bran

 Summary of dinner and snacks for the day....

 Loved my outfit that day....What do you think?

Went to Starbucks before the store opened...I always feel like I am stepping into the gates of hell when I come to Starbucks. Donuts, bagels, crumb cakes, malorca bread, scones, cupcakes... and theres coffee too. The funny thing is they have healthy alternatives but why would anybody in their right mind go for a fruit cup....

But I did not fall into the evil temptations that Starbucks had to provide.... I opted for an iced coffee

That night I had dinner with my BEST friend Jess.... she came down from CHI town so we celebrated her visit

We ate at RA a sushi joint

And did I enjoy myself.......But we could not end the night on Sushi so.....

We had Kilwins....and alot of worries when you have a bad day there is always hope for tomorrow.... You Gotta live....right?! ;-\

However... I did forget to include the Jamaican Beef patty I scarfed down at lunch instead of having my chicken :-\ I fell into temptation....but it was yummy...


DAY 8 is Week 2 of the 28 Day shapeover program.
Week 2 focuses on the development of lean muscle tone and muscular endurance.

SETS: Some sets are performed straight while others will employ supersets, which is two exercies performed consecutively, with no rest between.... THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT...PAINNNN
Doing supersets supposedly increases workout intensity and heightens fat burning to an even greater degree.

REPETITIONS: There will be higher repetitions, aiming for 15-20 reps per set, this is said to heighten local muscular endurance and improve quality of muscle tissue, without increase muscle mass, which I DONT want. My goal is not to look like a SHE MAN :)

DAY 8 consisted of Shoulders, biceps, and triceps
Arnold Press
One Arm Cable Lateral
BEnch Rear Lateral Raise
Dumble Incline Curl & 2- Arm Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension
Dumbell Hammer Curl & Triceps Dip
Prone Incline Curl & Nosebreaker 

Not much logging this day :(
However, I did eat clean this day to make up for yesterdays last supper


Went to my 24 hour shape class, a boot camp consisting of 3 min cardio drills and weight exercises. I took the class with Rasha....she is great she always describes weights as appetizers, main courses, and desserts and the pain of these meals as Yummy and delicious.... Ummm yeah

 Today was exciting BECAUSE.... I noticed some changes in my shoulders.... there were lines forming... actual tonnage....AMAZING!!! I was so psyched I couldnt stop looking at them in my Shape class becasue I was like DAMN Im the shit.....hehehe

Have to go cram now but I will leave you with my power song of the moment..

Melissa Auf Der Maur - Meet Me On The Darkside

Its a pretty eerie song but I like running to it....Everyone does have a darkside sometimes..... 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Its past my bed time

I just thought I would update everyone on my day before I pass out.
I ended up eating everything that I had for lunch except my sweet potatoe and Oikos yogurt.

However I did have something that I couldn't deny
I only had ONE though, and that is pretty good for me. I could have downed more if I wanted to.

Come on people Im human. I ADORE food and how it makes you feel. To be able to experience so many flavors in a bite of something is AMAZING its priceless. Everything is always centered around food and you might as well enjoy it but in limited quantities, of course. 

I go out to eat and I enjoy myself but I just make sure I keep myself balanced and watch what I eat the rest of the day and any day after that. I dont beleive in starving myself and becoming a rabbit, no sir! 
You live ONCE, that's it.

As for the rest of my day, I went on my break and checked out the book store and found some recipe books that I might want to invest in

I just want something easy. I dont have time to cook so I basiclly experiment with my food. I use what I have in the house and hope it is something edible. Im definetly not a bad cook and I have alot of potential, I just do not have the time. I do the best I can and hopefully one of these books can inspire me to be more diverse with my meals. Any suggestions?

I just wanted to note on my outfit today... I liked it.... I may look like a grandma in my cardigan and muti colored top...but I thought it was a moment :)

I also had to rock the ring my mom gave me cute!
Excuse my horrid fingers they look like taranchulas.... But the ring is so cute.

OMG its 11:11pm thats late for me! Remember...old lady... Gotta wake up tomorrow for Day 7.... Cardio. I will probably do an early run before work.

Buenas Noches...
I thought this would be a good way to end off the day... Love this guy. He has such a calming a lullaby...

Day 6: I need a BR8!

Today is rest day for me. I had to see my Bubba off to the airport @ 6am and had to take Plato to daycare after that. Yes, you heard right doggie day care. Plus, I needed to start reviewing for an exam I have for class next Monday....eeeek!

My lower body is starting to feel less soar, thank you Lord. However, my shoulders are feeling the pain today. Not as bad as the legs, but Im feeling the burn.

I just realized that I hadn't posted any before pictures when I started the routine, duhhh. Im going to post some tomorrow though.

Soooooo for breakfeast
I had a 1/2 c of oatmeal
An Alternative Bagel with tomatoes
And some mixed fruit
I was kinda hungry....but this definetly filled me up

Now for lunch I did a replay of yesterdays lunch
BUT instead of goat cheese I used a tbsp of Hummus mmm!
Ususally for lunch I use paper plates...It makes my life a little easier... I HATE washing dishes.
On my gorgeous paper plate I had
Broiled Squash and Asparagus
Cooked Onioins
ans some Hummus

I work in retail so I usually have to bring my food for the whole day especially when I have to close the store (1:30pm-10:30pm) NOT FUN!

I need to fix the rotation..ooops
We have
A salad with Garbonzo beans, goat cheese, avocado, and sun dried tomatoe
A Veggie Burger
Murray Shortbread Cookies
Mixed Fruit
& Chobani Yogurt
Most likely I wont eat all of this but I like to have the options.

Its off to work!
C ya

Day 5 (which was yesterday)

What a day... Im still battling soreness from Day 3...Damn lunges (Its a love hate relationship). At least the pain makes me feel that my muscles are forming.

Ready to Pump some IRON!!!!

Even though my lower body was on FIRE I decided to ride my bike to the gym to warm my body up

WEEE... Im suprised I didnt fall while taking this picture
Day 5 consisted of Chest, Back and Abdominals.
Exercises included
Barbell Incline Press
Dumbell Flat Press
Dumbell Incline Fly
Reverse Lat Pulldown
Reverse Lat Pulldown
One Arm Dumbbell Row
Cable Lying Pullover
Twisting Crunch
Hanging Knee Rise

For Cardio I did the Elyptical for 25 minutes
-Total Calories Burned 585 cal
-Calories from fat 27%

I was so excited to eat breakfast after my workout....

That I devowered it...

I tried to study before work but ended up doing everything else besides studying...
Then lunch time came around and did I make the best sandwich EVER!!!

Goat Cheese
and Tomato

I really wanted an extra boost of protein for the day so I drank a muscle milk before work

My dinner and snacks consisted of (look below)
Everything minus the mixed fruit and apple didnt get to those

When I got home (@ about 11pm) I was craving cereal and ended up having Coco Cheerios : )
A good way to end the night :)


Unitl Tomorrow....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 3 and 4....

Good Evening All!! I Have been studying for midterms so I was not able to get online to record my updates. However, today was the last exam, well until next Monday :-/

So this is how it goes. Yesterday I did resistance consisting of quadriceps (thighs), Glutes (butt), and calves. Let me tell you I am definitely feeling it today L could not walk up my stairs…so sad. However, I did have to run some errands so I think I walked off the pain.

Since I have not been able to go to the grocery store until today my food intake has not been the best the past couple of days.
Wakey…Wakey… OMG my hand look massive

Snap shot of my lunch and snacks for the day, which included a chicken salad, vita muffin, apple, and a pack of Murray cookies.

Had a Light Muscle Milk to start my day off… Wanted to get some type of protein in… I notice I do not eat enough of it

I Didn't have time to make breakfast so I bought a Starbucks oatmeal (Which I must say is very yummy). I did not include the nuts fruit or brown sugar.

Today was a Cardio Day… (DAY 4)
Happy to be awake and ready to get moving

My Cardio was Spinning… I was so embarrassed to take a picture in the class so that is why I look so focused….haha

So excited I just burned 622 calories (well that's what my heart rate monitor said)

Bad Me. I didn't take note of what I ate today but tomorrow is a new day plus, I got groceries, thank GOD! No groceries in the house tends to stray me away from the healthy life style, I end up eating out more not knowing what is in the food.

I Downloaded a bunch of music today including Julieta Venegas's new album Otra Cosa. She is a very talented Mexican singer and I adore her. I don't speak one lick of Spanish but I enjoyed every single minute of the album