Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 2: Gym....Work....School...

Started the day off pretty early

Rise and Shine!!!!!!

Got to Boot Camp just in time for the hell to begin

Thats right... your eyes arent playing tricks on you those are 4...yes 4 risers on my step. Plus, a colorful collection of weights to torture my muscles with...Yummy!

Rushed out of class early to get ready for work. Would have liked to stay longer but... gotta make the big bucks...

I did not get to add any pictures of the foods I ate today for two reasons. One, I scarfed down the food I packed today because I was starving and two, I need to get to the grocery store to pack my fridge up with foods for the day, I had scraps of food here and there throughout the day.

My night ended with school and en exam. However, I had another early B-Day gift from my Bubba when I got home. :)

AMAZING!!!!! THEY DONT BUDGE! Just what I needed for Day 3 of my 28 Day Shapeover Experiment :)


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