I should be reviewing for my Corporate Finance exam but instead I decided to start this blog. I love a fit body. I want my body to be toned and jiggle free, well except in the trunk department you always need some cushion for the pushin'. I have always been active my whole life. I played tennis since I was five but had to stop twice from two significant events in my life, my father’s passing at the age of 13 and when I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 18. Once I was diagnosed with Lupus I had to take a massive amount of Prednisone (not cute) which blew me up, I looked like violet from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. That was a year I never forgot. I was known as the silly goofy charismatic type but then I became the sad introverted depressed type, which was not a good look for me. After going into remission and loosing alot of my “I feel so sad for myself “weight I became indulged in my body. I wanted to be the best, better then what it looked liked before. This is a jorney that I am taking and I want to be held accountable for my actions and the the blogger world plays a part in that. I can't screw up in front of masses of people so that is what will keep me on top of things, you guys. There will be ups and downs but that is why we are all here interacting to bring each other up when we are down. Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun Facts:
Have a wonderful supportive husband known to me as BUBBA....My rock!
Getting my MBA
Love a GOOD song
Have a dog named Plato
Binge Eater :-/
Loves modesty
Fashion lover
Can dance all night long
Loves good conversation