Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 3 and 4....

Good Evening All!! I Have been studying for midterms so I was not able to get online to record my updates. However, today was the last exam, well until next Monday :-/

So this is how it goes. Yesterday I did resistance consisting of quadriceps (thighs), Glutes (butt), and calves. Let me tell you I am definitely feeling it today L could not walk up my stairs…so sad. However, I did have to run some errands so I think I walked off the pain.

Since I have not been able to go to the grocery store until today my food intake has not been the best the past couple of days.
Wakey…Wakey… OMG my hand look massive

Snap shot of my lunch and snacks for the day, which included a chicken salad, vita muffin, apple, and a pack of Murray cookies.

Had a Light Muscle Milk to start my day off… Wanted to get some type of protein in… I notice I do not eat enough of it

I Didn't have time to make breakfast so I bought a Starbucks oatmeal (Which I must say is very yummy). I did not include the nuts fruit or brown sugar.

Today was a Cardio Day… (DAY 4)
Happy to be awake and ready to get moving

My Cardio was Spinning… I was so embarrassed to take a picture in the class so that is why I look so focused….haha

So excited I just burned 622 calories (well that's what my heart rate monitor said)

Bad Me. I didn't take note of what I ate today but tomorrow is a new day plus, I got groceries, thank GOD! No groceries in the house tends to stray me away from the healthy life style, I end up eating out more not knowing what is in the food.

I Downloaded a bunch of music today including Julieta Venegas's new album Otra Cosa. She is a very talented Mexican singer and I adore her. I don't speak one lick of Spanish but I enjoyed every single minute of the album


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