Friday, April 9, 2010

Its past my bed time

I just thought I would update everyone on my day before I pass out.
I ended up eating everything that I had for lunch except my sweet potatoe and Oikos yogurt.

However I did have something that I couldn't deny
I only had ONE though, and that is pretty good for me. I could have downed more if I wanted to.

Come on people Im human. I ADORE food and how it makes you feel. To be able to experience so many flavors in a bite of something is AMAZING its priceless. Everything is always centered around food and you might as well enjoy it but in limited quantities, of course. 

I go out to eat and I enjoy myself but I just make sure I keep myself balanced and watch what I eat the rest of the day and any day after that. I dont beleive in starving myself and becoming a rabbit, no sir! 
You live ONCE, that's it.

As for the rest of my day, I went on my break and checked out the book store and found some recipe books that I might want to invest in

I just want something easy. I dont have time to cook so I basiclly experiment with my food. I use what I have in the house and hope it is something edible. Im definetly not a bad cook and I have alot of potential, I just do not have the time. I do the best I can and hopefully one of these books can inspire me to be more diverse with my meals. Any suggestions?

I just wanted to note on my outfit today... I liked it.... I may look like a grandma in my cardigan and muti colored top...but I thought it was a moment :)

I also had to rock the ring my mom gave me cute!
Excuse my horrid fingers they look like taranchulas.... But the ring is so cute.

OMG its 11:11pm thats late for me! Remember...old lady... Gotta wake up tomorrow for Day 7.... Cardio. I will probably do an early run before work.

Buenas Noches...
I thought this would be a good way to end off the day... Love this guy. He has such a calming a lullaby...


  1. Came across your blog randomly, I love it!! have a wonderful night!!!

  2. awww thanks!!! Ive been MIA but now Im back