Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 5 (which was yesterday)

What a day... Im still battling soreness from Day 3...Damn lunges (Its a love hate relationship). At least the pain makes me feel that my muscles are forming.

Ready to Pump some IRON!!!!

Even though my lower body was on FIRE I decided to ride my bike to the gym to warm my body up

WEEE... Im suprised I didnt fall while taking this picture
Day 5 consisted of Chest, Back and Abdominals.
Exercises included
Barbell Incline Press
Dumbell Flat Press
Dumbell Incline Fly
Reverse Lat Pulldown
Reverse Lat Pulldown
One Arm Dumbbell Row
Cable Lying Pullover
Twisting Crunch
Hanging Knee Rise

For Cardio I did the Elyptical for 25 minutes
-Total Calories Burned 585 cal
-Calories from fat 27%

I was so excited to eat breakfast after my workout....

That I devowered it...

I tried to study before work but ended up doing everything else besides studying...
Then lunch time came around and did I make the best sandwich EVER!!!

Goat Cheese
and Tomato

I really wanted an extra boost of protein for the day so I drank a muscle milk before work

My dinner and snacks consisted of (look below)
Everything minus the mixed fruit and apple didnt get to those

When I got home (@ about 11pm) I was craving cereal and ended up having Coco Cheerios : )
A good way to end the night :)


Unitl Tomorrow....

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