Friday, April 23, 2010

Lots of tasty food

Yesterday was full of yummy and tasty foods. I was in a big rush so I wasn't able to pack my lunch like I usually do (which I HATE), so Bubba and I ended up going to one of our local favs L&L Bistro.

They moved locations so they are still in the process of finishing up. But Im sure the finished product is going to look A-MAZING!

I had the chicken breast w/ curry couscous and a side of roasted eggplant. GET IT!!!!!

I got to work and I though this would be a perfect time to let everyone see what I have in my locker. I try to keep a variety of foods in my locker so when I have a snack attack I am WELL prepared!
I have: oatmeal
organic bunny biscuits
popcorn &
Soy Crisps.
There is a twix on the bottom just regard that it was left over
from my birthday. I ended up eating it though that day :-/

For Dinner I took a doggie bag from L&L Bisto for work, since again I had no time to pack my food

I had a shrimp salad with oil vinaigrette dressing yum yum!
Other foods that day included
Murray crackers
Organic bunny biscuits
However, heading home is when my hard day of eating well came to an end. Bubba call me and tell me "Mama I passed the 177 mark". He has been trying to go below 177 for the longest and he finally beat his plateau, GO BUBBA. BUT he then tells me "lets get TACO BELL" Yes! you heard right TACO BELL! HE fell into the temptation and so did I, Oy! 

Not only was it a Taco Bell I went to it was a double whammy a Taco Bell/KFC....AHHHHH! But I only got the TAco Bell.

That was the end of my night...It was not a good ending BUT what can I say! I circumed to temptation. Today is a new day!


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  1. no stresses. Every now and then I get a mcdonalds hamburger. You can deprive yourself 100% of the time :)